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hotel delminivm zagreb croatia Hotel Delminivm has grown from a long tradition of catering that began in 1993 with the V. K. Croatia. After moving in 2001, the name was changed to the Restaurant Marinero. Finally, in 2011, the restaurant and tavern of the same name have now been located within the Hotel Delminivm .
Situated in one of the most attractive neighborhoods of the western part of Zagreb, the Hotel Delminivm will offer you the true feeling of a vacation and it will also fulfill every requirement of you business commitments.
In the atmosphere of the restaurant and tavern Marinero, pleasant spaces for socializing and relaxing, you can enjoy superbly prepared dishes of Croatian cuisine and give your business partners an unforgettable gastronomic experience.
The Hotel Delminivm
is a perfect choice for business travelers and tourists and it will satisfy the wishes of even the most demanding guest. The nearby highway is the Delminivm’s window to the world, while its proximity to the city’s center is like a window into the heart of its happenings. The intercity bus station is less than a 5-minute walk away, while the train station is only ten minutes away. This makes the hotel a desirable facility for all visitors to our city who want the city’s attractions to be within easy reach.

We are convinced that our professionalism and openness will meet your expectations and that your visit to our city will be pleasant and successful.  

We are looking forward to your arrival at the Hotel Delminivm!


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